The battle of high-performers Innova ZX and Honda Mobilio RS (O)

The competition level in Indian auto market is fuming like never before, the battle is intense on every level from hatchbacks to multipurpose vehicles. Toyota has won great acclaim with its Innova MPV, every moment you step on to the roads and there is never a time the vehicle is not spotted. It is a source of inspiration for Honda to create the new Mobilio MPV. Mobilio is an instant hit because of the grand nature of the vehicle, in just days post launch the booking figure has crossed 9,000. Fueled by instant success Honda has launched the new RS (O) variant and will it overpower the supremacy of Innova? Let’s find out.

All New Toyota Innova

Core characteristics:

Mobilio RS is new MPV redefined; it’s loaded with class features, and has advanced equipments in the form of rear view parking camera and (AVN) Audio Video Navigation. The AVN is 6 inch touch screen infotainment system with inbuilt maps, satellite-based voice guided navigation, car entertainment and connectivity. The navigation system has keyboard which makes it convenient to choose a particular location. The infotainment system is packed with best-in-class equipments and also has a reverse parking camera screen. The other interesting features are world class music system with MP3, i-POD, AM/FM, USB, and AUX connectivity. The Bluetooth is synced to the phone which enables consumers to answer calls and view call history book while driving.

Innova launched many years before Mobilio; the features are class performing for its time. There is a touch screen infotainment unit with reverse camera; consumers can encounter ample comfort in the car. The air con apparatus is robust, blast of chilled air is transported to all three compartments. Mobilio RS has manual air con unit, it has reclining seats and reports say it looks sportier than Innova. The new Mobilio has top class upholstery, potent headlights and day-time running LEDs. Mobilio RS and Innova have essential safety for optimum protection with dual airbags in front.

Honda Mobilio Golden Front


The fascination with a new swanky car lies in the dimension, and with MPV’s the thrill factor stretches to a whole new level. Innova is bigger than Mobilio, it is 1760mm tall, 1765mm wide and 4585mm long. There is a seven and eight seat vehicle, the seating option with Mobilio is limited, it is offered in seven seat format only. It is 4386mm long, 1603mm tall and 1683mm wide, the vehicle is designed on the pattern of ‘’Man Maximum machine minimum philosophy’’. Stepping into Mobilio is an element of fascination, it is so spacious on the insides, and there are many cubbyholes to store tons of items.

Engine power:

Innova runs on a robust 2.5 liter diesel and 2 liter petrol engine, the four cylinder 2 liter engine yields 181Nm and 131.4bhp. The 2.5 liter diesel car generates 200Nm and 100.6bhp. The mileage offered is 12kmpl.

There is only a diesel engine option for Mobilio RS, built with 1.5 liter i-DTEC capacity. The fierce engine produces 200Nm and 98.6bhp and offers world class mileage of 24.2kmpl.


The average price of Innova is Rs 14.92 lakhs and the average price of Mobilio is Rs 11.55 lakhs.

The two cars are equally powerful with respect to nature of interior equipments and comfort. Innova is a bigger car and Mobilio provides superior mileage power.


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