Toyota Motor reportedly contemplating on the successor of Lexus LFA

The world’s most popular car maker, Toyota Motor has been seriously considering on developing a lot of new cars based on the company’s new design language which is supposed to be very much engaging and offer superb visual appeal. Among these new upcoming Toyota cars are some much speculated super cars, which are supposed to the flag bearers of Toyota’s new heart racing design philosophy as well as astonishing power and performance.

lexus lfa

Toyota owned luxury brand Lexus has had the long-term plan of a successor to the brand’s limited model LFA supercar. This limitedly produced Lexus LFA supercar might spawn an all-new supercar which is not only going to be the heartthrob in terms of style as well as in terms of dream performance, according to the Vice President of Lexus, Mark Templin. However, according to him the car could take as long as three decades before it actually hits the market.

Templin said that Akio Toyoda believes that every generation deserves to get a fabulous car such as the LFA, thus the company is working on an LFA for today’s generation Templin said in Japan before a program for the new Lexus NX crossover. He also said that at some point of time, there might also be another special car for the next generation. He did not however, offer any other details or specific time periods for the same.

Toyota had stopped the production of the limited Lexus LFA supercar back in the year 2012. Ever since, the Japanese auto giant has not had a flagship supercar model under its brand name. There had been several talks and speculations of a potential successor to the LFA supercar. However, nothing actually materialized out of those. It is also known that Toyota had contemplated to bring out a successor to the car. However, those contemplations and discussions of the company eventually did not become fruitful and nothing has come out so far. Though the company has denied these reports so far, now it finally accepts that there is actually a free place at the top of its range and it will like to get it filled up at some point of time.

The LFA’s total development took around 9 years, and the company took out a bare minimum 500 units of the supercar, which was a loss-making project for the car maker. Selling more units of the car would have helped make great profits for the company, but Toyota did not do that just to save the car’s exclusive tag.

The successor Toyota supercar would most probably get the powertrains of RC F’s 5.0 liter V8 motor combined with an efficient electric motor coupled with a superb 10-speed transmission. Lexus also showcased an LF-LC coupe concept model at the 2012 Detroit auto show, which the car maker has not still made hitting the production. Whether and when the LFA successor is coming, is thus still in darkness, but it will come for sure.

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