Toyota Yaris Hybrid – a possible India launch

The Japanese car major, Toyota Motor is the most popular auto maker in the world. Toyota is also certainly the best auto manufacturer to go for, if one is looking to buy a superior hybrid car. Toyota as we know, is the pioneer of Hybrid cars and is still the master of churning out some of the most proficient hybrid models in the world, although market competition has really increased. Moreover, the Toyota Prius, the company’s hybrid pioneering offering is still the most selling hybrid model in the globe despite the presence of a number of other rivals models.

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However, Toyota has gone ahead with its hybrid technology advancements and this shows in the latest Prius as well as the dozen other hybrid models that the Japanese car makers offers in the global markets. One such, hybrid car is the Toyota Yaris hybrid, which is equally efficient, high quality and really able as the other Toyota hybrid cars.

In India, Toyota is certainly not as famous as in the other global car markets and have a limited range of products as well. However, some of the Toyota cars such as the Innova and Fortuner are the segment leaders in India, while many other Toyota cars have been costistent market performers in the domestic market. Indias is certainly not a hybrid car market, but that did not stop Toyots from offering the imported Prius and then, the locally produced Camry Hybrid.

Given Toyota’s acclaimed position in the hybrid market, the Yaris Hybrid might also make it to India. The most remarkable aspect of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is its high fuel efficiency. Toyota had also introduced a Yaris Hybrid R concept model which had very impressive specifications.

However, in India which is still a very tough ground for anything other than petrol or diesel cars, Toyota Yaris Hybrid’s success rates will be highly doubtful. However, as the Indian market is fast developing, sooner or later the highly fuel efficient but expensive hybrid cars will get more popular in India, and the greener hybrids will win over the Indian car buyers. When this happens, the high fuel economy of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid will ensure its high success in India. Being a compact car, the Yaris Hybrid can surely be a hit with the model urban Indians who can shell out a hefty price for a car that is so efficient, superior and economical in the long run.

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is sold in two variants of Icon and Excel in the car market of UK, where it is highly popular. If Toyota chooses to launch the Yaris Hybrid in India, then it should market the car very effectively and also make its price as affordable as possible. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid would cost around Rs. 20 lakhs in India, unless Toyota can make it cheaper by highly localizing the car.

As Toyota is a great green propagator and India is also steadily getting environmentally conscious, the Yaris Hybrid is expected to come to India in near future.

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