Innova continues to rule the MPV market and out beats arch rivals Mobilio, Evalia, Enjoy and Ertiga

Toyota has conquered the multipurpose vehicle (MPV) market with its one time best seller Innova. The car has just ripped profits for years, and has always been a hard one to beat. Innova is a source of inspiration for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Nissan Evalia, Chevrolet Enjoy and Honda Mobilio.

toyota innova limited edition

toyota innova limited edition

Innova continues to remain blockbuster and has out beaten Mobilio, Evalia, Enjoy and Ertiga in 2014 September. During the period, Toyota sold 5,876 Innova cars, Maruti Suzuki managed to sell, 5,672 Ertiga’s and sale output of Mobilio is 5,329 units. Chevrolet sold 559 Enjoys and Nissan rolled out 26 Evalia’s.

Innova has captured memorable moments, and has formed a strong bond with the nuclear family system in the country. Toyota was under the competition threat heat months before the launch of Mobilio. The popularity levels of Innova became faint when the media mainly focused on Mobilio. Like Innova, Mobilio projects an ideal family car design, which makes it a competitive edge for both cars.

Honda launched Mobilio in 2014 July, and as expected it sold in large numbers the following month. The company managed to sell an overload of Mobilio’s higher than profits contributed by Ertiga and Innova. The trend has changed so quickly in just a month, Innova is now the top seller, and has out beaten both Ertiga and Mobilio.

Although Toyota sold many more Innova’s than Mobilio and Ertiga, the competition threat is still high. Innova will have to face the intense battle with upcoming cars Renault Lodgy and Datsun Go+ MPV, both scheduled for next year. The mystery behind the intense customer desirability factor for Innova, lies the creative engineering.

Innova is an incredibly spacious MUV, families can enjoy the moment of their lives, and the vehicle can easily accommodate 7 to 8 family members. Customers have the liberty to opt between diesel and petrol cars. Innova offers a true MPV ride, different from Ertiga, which people say is more like a sedan. Innova has the engine power and mileage to cover vast kilometers, compared to others in its segment.

Toyota certainly has the Innova edge; the company is building a new 2016 Innova model, which is going to just look better and more contemporary. Let’s browse through the intriguing details of the car. The next-gen car will undergo cosmetic modifications to create a modern look, and the newness of the design is inspired by the fashionable Toyota Fortuner. The 2016 car will project a taller stance, to achieve this, the company has tailored a higher front grille positioning, with refreshed bumper and bigger headlights.

The 2016 Innova will stand on a novel ladder frame chassis suspension to create a killer sporty car that cruises along rugged roads. The layout of D-pillar is inventive that results in a new unique side profile.

The 2016 Innova will be covered with ultra modern interiors, to create a more contemporary effect than earlier. The interesting and convenient features to watch out for are multifunction steering wheel, reverse camera, climate control and dual airbags.

Innova is and will continue to remain the king of multi-purpose vehicle market.

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