A photo gallery of Etios facelift displaying the marked distinctiveness of the car

Toyota a month ago launched the Etios facelift, it is as trendy as ever, the core identity of the car is more or less the same and the exterior modifications are superficial. The changes are engraved on new wing mirror design and the remaining portion of the vehicle is preserved parallel to its predecessor.

New Toyota Etios

The interior change and décor is an improved variant of the past, and the upgraded features are superior door trims and seat fabrics. The inner richness is characterised by the amazingly vibrant two tone beige colour theme and sparkling chrome and faux-wooden accents. To safeguard the life of occupants, Toyota has decided to incorporate driver side airbag on all variants, and the most loaded car will have reverse parking sensors and electrically adjustable outer rear view mirrors.

The company has not altered the mechanical mechanism of the car and it will run on the same efficient 1.5 litre petrol that churns 132Nm and 90PS and the diesel power train will manoeuvre on 1.4 litre capacity that churns 170Nm and 68PS.

Toyota considers Etios sedan and Etios Liva hatchback to be key profit making elements. The company has designed the new Etios sedan facelift with richer décor and better quality equipments, which is a certain threat to its competition and its arch rivals are Chevrolet Sail and Nissan Sunny. The price structure of the car is Rs 5.4 to 8.25 lakhs.

The new Etios facelift is a more exciting and colourful package from the earlier car. The excitement about a facelift launch lies in the new modification to provide a glowing effect. Although a detailed description about the modified features of new Etios is provided, it is difficult to catch the intriguing characteristic of the car.

A photo gallery of the new Etios facelift is uploaded on the web, and it gives pristine information about deep characteristics of the car and consumers can gauge the distinctive differences between the earlier Etios and the facelift car.  The major distinguishing trait of the 2014 Etios facelift is freshly carved grille, and it does look exceptionally stylish and professional. The rear architecture is the same as the previous car.

The restructured dashboard is layered with superior quality plastics and chilled glove box; the seats are covered with new fabric, the loaded cars have polished faux wood trim on inner door handles. The instrument panel has new digital display clock, there is a world class 2-Din music system with Bluetooth telephony, the loaded cars have audio controls on steering wheel, it has refreshed fifteen inch alloy wheels, and the top-spec car has rear parking sensors.

The new Etios facelift has the characteristics to grab enormous customer attention, and the most creditable new insertion is the fitment of driver airbags on all variants as customers look at safety to be among the crucial factors of car buying. It is a car worth the purchase to dwell into the elegance of richer and luxurious Etios.

It will be interesting to view the customer response levels towards the car in the near future.

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