The 2015 Prius V is richer and more luxurious

The whole world is concerned about the negative change in environment trends, and Toyota has created an impactful hybrid innovation with its classic Prius V car. It is the most luxury and feature packed creation of the Prius segment packed with first rate fuel efficiency and optimum cargo room.

2014 Toyota Prius C

Toyota is working on a full-fledged development system with its 2015 Prius V car; the car will have massive changes with restructured tail lights and modified styling on front. There will be a massive change to the interiors as well, with minimal modification on the technology front.

The most distinctive characteristic is the fitment of revamped headlights and also a new bumper. The combination of a whole new headlight structure and bumper makes the car look strikingly similar to the European spec model. The new Prius V looks pretty enticing to an extent that it looks surreal. The most loaded Prius V car has LED’s for low and high beams, new headlights and fog lights. There are also three new vibrant and amazing shades to chose from such as toaster walnut pearl, absolutely red and attitude black metallic.

The interiors of Prius V is as magical as the exteriors, the décor is stunningly plush with 8 way adjustable power driver’s seat, a colorful 4.2 inch TFT screen fitted between 3 trim level and gauges, there is also climate control setting, navigation system and fuel efficiency reader. The car is equipped with the latest 6.1 inch high resolution touchscreen Entune infotainment system linked to a navigation system. Toyota has launched a high-tech technology package on the car which has automatic high beams and lane departure alert.

Prius V runs on an efficient 1.8- liter four cylinder Atkinson hybrid engine that operates on nickel metal hydride battery and generates 134 hp, and it is mileage power is pretty admirable and offers 44miles per gallon on cities and 40mpg on highways. Toyota has engineered the car with richer features than other variants, and the best part is the company has been rather generous on the pricing. The new Prius V is more reasonable by $75 and costs $26,675 and it expected to arrive in dealerships by December.

The 2015 Prius V will surely be a stunner among the crowd, Toyota has built a richer and cheaper Prius, a combination that is extremely rare, and it should be termed a fantastic limited edition model. It has everything a luxury car fantastic can even dream of. Prius is an innovative hybrid car, packed with magnificent grandeur and technology, and what can be better than owning the 2015 Prius V stuffed with grandeur and first rate technology.

The 2015 Prius V will bond well with the India demographic, Toyota has recently announced of its plan to enhance hybrid vehicle portfolio in India, and recently celebrated the first anniversary of Camry hybrid. The company may be developing many more signature hybrids, and hope there is a higher influx of hybrid vehicles in India in the near future.

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