Prius C travels through the mystifying lands of Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest

Toyota a renowned automobile firms has produced magnificent sedans, that emit radiating sheen. On the thought of a classy sedan product, the first image that surfaces is Prius, and the 2015 Prius c is a big launch, bigger than before, and is packed with numerous updates. Driving the Prius c is exhilarating, how about maneuvering through fairy tale video game adventures such as Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest.

2014 Toyota Prius C

Prius C is referred to as Aqua in Japan and it is a trendy hatchback, and Toyota has built the vehicle to cater to the needs of city drivers. It is a great car to just scroll all over the city and also venture on long drives through beaches and countryside, and Toyota has assured consumers of its efficiency, and the drive is nothing but luxurious and can even be compared to Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest fantasies.

There is an interesting commercial showcasing the drive of Aqua through the picturesque and mysterious streets of Iceland. It is a much watch commercial that will get viewers awe-struck, and there is no better moment that travelling through the streets of Iceland filled with palace mysteries, awe-inspiring greeneries and magical forests. To complete the marvelous picture the advertisement shows a group of Prius C cars travelling through mystifying palaces, greeneries and forests.

There is also another advertisement displaying how efficiently Prius c moves through stunning landscapes surrounded by rivers, mountains and sparkling beaches. The Prius C is a car for the enthusiastic mass and it is a product of high-tech development and let’s go over some intriguing characteristics of the car.

The 2015 Prius C is tucked with a robust four cylinder 1.5 liter four cylinder electric engine and it is connected with CVT transmission gearbox. The fierce power train pumps out 77hp and moves with best-in-segment 50mpg mileage and is equipped with an innovative electric power steering and regenerative braking technology. It’s got immense power even when it runs on electric engine alone.

The inner décor of 2015 Prius C is vibrant and remarkable packed with posh cabin and first rate equipments. It also has new amazing colors such as Sparkling Sea Metallic, Tangerine Splash Pearl and Electric Lime Metallic. The tail lights are restructured stuffed with radiating light pipes and the creatively styled headlights are filled with glossy LEDs, the grille looks elegant as well.

Toyota has four 2015 Prius C variants on offer, referred to as level one, level two, level three and level four. The first level model is pretty feature rich with keyless entry, automatic air conditioning, and LED headlights. Inside the second trim there is a world class music system stuffed with potent speakers, split folding back bench and cruise control. The third level has push-start button, navigation system and best-in-class audio, and the fourth level has superb quality materials, sunroof, heated seats and backup camera.

For those who are just mesmerized by the characteristics of 2015 Prius C and desire to glide through shadowy and divine beauty, it is a car for you.

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