Ten new amazing facts about 2015 Camry

Toyota is an esteemed auto enterprise that has produced world class luxury cars. The latest source of excitement is the 2015 Camry, for months there have been several reports about the car, and the primary source of excitement lies in the characteristic design transformation. It is among the hottest new launches of the season, and the company has infused the car with new upgrades that makes it sport stunning visual appearances, and the impact is at an elevated level from the past.

2015 toyota camry facelift

2015 toyota camry facelift

The 2015 Camry is an exciting car to consider, and its new form of origination presence is felt all over the globe. Let’s now decipher the ten desirable traits of the car.

The all new innovative styling: The fashion statement is the major transformation of 2015 Camry from its predecessors. The company has filled with exteriors with many more cuts and ridges to create a solid and more sophisticated structure. It has artistically sculpted angular headlights packed with glossy chrome and wide grille, and the extra decorations are chrome piping surrounding window frames, and solid chrome design on rear deck lid and the sparkling new glow is created by the radiating LED headlights and fog lights. The structure of roof on the new Camry is identical to the previous car.

New chassis: 2015 Camry is engineered on a new chassis platform, Toyota has made quite a few modifications, the track is built with a wider dimension, it is a slight increase that is below 50%, and the goal here is to enhance the stability outcome of the car. The planning of suspension design is preserved, the texture of steering is changed, and it is reconfigured for superior operation of electric power assist system. There is a refreshed brake light engineered with a cutting-edge two stage booster system and the outcome is an improved pedal feel. The car is longer than the earlier model by 8.1 inches, and the body panels are designed to elevate stiffness with the incorporation of additional spot welding.

More exclusive and quieter interiors: The quality of equipments in 2015 Camry is notches higher and so are the comfort levels. There is a huge centre console with abundant storage, a classy 4.2 inch screen. The company has enhanced the aerodynamic structure to enable lesser noise penetration.

2015 Camry has the same engine power: The car is fitted with a robust 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine that generates 170 lb ft torque and 178 hp and there is also a 3.5 litre V6 mill that yields 248 lb ft torque and 268hp.

2015 Camry has similar mileage capacity: The 2015 model will manoeuvre on a 21mpg town, 31mpg highway as well as 35mpg city mileage.

The incorporation of hybrid technology: Like the conventional engine, the hybrid system will run on the same engine power, with 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine coupled with just one electric power train and will run on 39mpg highway and 43mpg city mileage power.

There will be the addition of XSE variant

  • The company will build the 2015 Camry with superior safety technology
  •  There will be a wireless mobile charging system
  •   2015 Camry is a evolutionary model from the previous generations.

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