Toyota will start selling its Mirai fuel cell vehicle next month

Green vehicle technology is the latest hot topic and research and development, and has progressed to a significant level. The latest pioneering technique is the constructed of fuel cell vehicle systems incorporated with the advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Toyota had earlier spoken of its forthcoming fuel cell vehicle car called Mirai, and for some amazing news, the cars will be on sale next month. There will only be few cars on sales and the estimated figure will be within the few hundred ranges, the vehicles will however come with a price.

The concept of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is relatively new, and Toyota plans to take the sale process slowly. The principle behind the operation of fuel cell vehicle is a stack of hydrogen fuel cells are fitted into the car, it combines with atmospheric oxygen to form electricity that drives the vehicles, and the end result is an emission free gas.

The design structure of Mirai is as ground-breaking as fuel cell vehicle technology. It is a trendy and sporty four door car, and will be sold for a price of 6.7 million yen which is $57,600 without taxes. Toyota’s profit driving vision within the first year of sales is to roll out 400 units in Japan as well as 300 units worldwide.

The executive vice president of Toyota, Mitsuhisa Kato said, ‘’the popularity of fuel cell vehicles will gain momentum in the near future, we now plan to take our first step into this technology, and aim to be at the forefront level of research.’’ It is the compressed hydrogen gas that drives fuel cell vehicles, and the company has fitted two tanks of gas beneath the car. Honda is also manufacturing an innovative fuel cell vehicle and at the moment both firms are using the trial and error method to power the technology with the introduction of few models for sales.

Fuel cell vehicles packed with compressed hydrogen gas seem to be the best solution to drive eco-friendly power. It is an ancient concept that appears feasible and appropriate, the operation of the system may be simple and straightforward, but there are challenges to look into. It is a task to build hydrogen filling stations, and the infrastructure supporting capacity is limited, because all around the globe there are only about 12 stations and governments worldwide are finding effective measures to subsidize construction costs.

The deputy chief engineer in the department of next gen vehicle construction, Yoshikazu Tanaka said, ‘’ there are difficulties concerning the futuristic power of fuel cell vehicles, the primary concern is the possibility of offering the vehicle at a reasonable price, and second the construction of a range of sustainable hydrogen fuel filling infrastructure. According to his predictions it will take about ten to twenty years to achieve an impressive sale outcome of Mirai that reaches tens of thousands annually.’’

Mirai will be on sale next month and it looks stunning and the highlight of its exclusiveness is inscribed on sloping roof line and dynamic side ridges.

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