The valuable and desirable 2.5 L Fortuner has finally arrived

For months there have been reports of Toyota manufacturing a 2.5 liter Fortuner car, it is a diesel model and an affordable product. The 2.5 liter car is a smaller engine, and is also equipped with (TRD) Toyota Racing Development body package, a standard feature across all variants. Fortuner is a power packed sport utility vehicle and is commonly used as a passenger car and also frequently employed to transport army personals. Besides the 2.5 liter car, Toyota is manufacturing a new 4×4 automatic model as well.

New Toyota Fortuner 2.5litre

New Toyota Fortuner 2.5 litres

Toyota’s vision with 2.5 liter diesel Fortuner is to introduce a more potent engine at a reasonable price. The 2.5 liter mill is an upgraded variant of the fierce 2,494cc turbo diesel mill fitted into Innova. The engine emits fierce energy efficiencies of 143Nm and 42bhp, and is said to be more potent than Innova, and moves with an efficient ARAI recognized 13.3 kmpl mileage.

For years Fortuner has been a desirable car in India, and is among the key profit players for Toyota and a high seller of the sport utility vehicle market. Now how exciting it is to learn of the arrival of 2.5 liter Fortuner and it is amazingly feature rich and has all the amenities a car fanatic desire. The standard Toyota Racing Development body package has rear parking camera, robust climate control air conditioning, audio fitted steering, state-of-the art touch screen infotainment system and refined leather upholstery. The other source of amazement is muffler cutter, rear spoiler, side skirts, trendy body graphics and classy dual tone radiator grille. The headlights are packed with superbly illuminating halogen lights, but there are only limited color choices such as silver metallic and super white.

Fortuner 2.5 liter diesel is sold in two variants, manual and automatic, the manual car is priced at Rs 24.4 lakhs and the automatic vehicle costs Rs 25.44 lakhs.  The vehicle is just loaded to the brim and it will surely drive the public insane. Fortuner 2.5 liter has the power to stand out in a crowd and is certainly a competition beater. Fortuner is known to have world class engine efficiency, to an extent that owners have travelled endless kilometers that stretch through many cities, and also neighboring countries.

The luxury brand value of Toyota in India is immense; the company has fallen prey to the weakened economy. To combat the harsh competition battle, it introduced the Etios Liva Cross and all new Corolla Altis in 2014, and both vehicles are highly appreciated by the public. The feature list of Fortuner 2.5 liter diesel is richer by magnitudes and the body graphics accentuates the true value sporty nature of the vehicle.

The 2.5 liter Fortuner diesel has arrived finally and it is the perfect car to plan a memorable vacation. A group of friends can venture on a lengthy tour across many cities, and feel the pride of owning a spectacular and efficient product. Car enthusiasts who are keen on the vehicle buy it now and explore countless luxuries at a relatively reasonable package.

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