Toyota keen to introduce series of SUV’s in US because of the robust demand

Toyota Motor Corp is an ace global luxury brand headquartered in Japan; the firm is keen to strengthen its factory manufacturing output in Canada and Japan. The reason being to sell more sport utility vehicles in US, and the demand in the region has increased significantly. SUV’s are popular all over the world, and are considered to be amazing recreation vehicles, to explore the depths of countryside.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

Akio Toyoda the president of the firm has announced of the plan to expand the manufacturing capacity of cars Lexus RX and Toyota RAV4. The Chief Executive of the company’s North American unit, Jim Lentz has stated that the plan is confirmed. It is interesting to read about Toyota’s plan to expand its sport utility vehicle portfolio to cater to increasing demand in US. The pace of life has increased all over the globe and an efficient and smooth sailing SUV makes a relaxed weekend, all the more relaxing.

The plan of Toyota to build sport utility vehicles for US markets is on till 2016 March, said a top Toyota official when questioned at the esteemed North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The company for futuristic growth is considering the plan to construct a range of SUVs, and it has been a profitable sector, witnessed on the impressive 16% growth registered last year. The SUV craze in America has been over the top for a long time, the buying potential for passenger cars diminished and many customers opted for SUV’s.

An interesting question to debate on is, the reason behind the customer preferential drift towards SUV’s from passenger cars. The reason is inscribed on the increased efficiency with regard to mileage and also superior interior room. It is the strong movement of SUVs that has enabled Toyota to have an edge over its competition, and it has even out beaten Volkswagen, to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the country. Toyota has five best selling SUV’s in America and Volkswagen on the other hand has only a couple of high sellers, Touareg and compact Tiguan.

The upcoming desirable sport utility vehicle for US markets is Lexus NX Crossover sport utility vehicle, and a Toyota official stated that the firm is analyzing the feasibility outcome of RAV4 SUV.  The company is aiming at building about 300,000 RAV4 vehicles every year in US, and it is an increased manufacture outcome from the previous year, where the firm built 267, 698 vehicles.

The demand for sport utility vehicles is gigantic all over the globe, and it is the car to opt for under the current troubled economy circumstances. Consumers can lead an economical life, contributed by the high mileage power of the cars. The Indian segment is also packed with sport utility vehicles, and a popular Toyota SUV is Fortuner. The Indian unit of Toyota has recently launched the 4×4 Fortuner, ardent SUV fans in American can look forward to exciting times ahead; there is a series of vehicles to watch out for, and a good time to plan a memorable vacation.

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