Toyota’s debut innovative Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle effortlessly covers 300 miles

Toyota stunned the world with its new form of innovation, Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the whole world is aware of hydrogen fuel cell technology. For months automobile websites and pages were filled with this technology, and now it is visible in the form of full-fledged development visible on Mirai.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell

Over the years the eco-friendly vehicle segment has gained significant momentum, created by the development of hybrid, electric and now hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. It is the hydrogen fuel cell technology that is most publicized recently, and so much of enthusiasm is centered on Mirai. A hot topic of discussion is, whether the novel innovation of Mirai can out beat existing electric vehicle technology.

The drive distance of most electric vehicles in the market is 75 miles, the newly developed Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can move effortlessly for as long as 300miles. Sources who have test driven the car found Mirai to move swiftly, but not at super swift pace. The inner space is sufficiently vast and four occupants can sit comfortably with ease, and there is also enough room for hefty luggage. The government is keen to push the power of hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the car is reasonably priced taking its high-tech development into consideration and priced at below $45,000.

The principle behind the operation of hydrogen fuel systems is, a stack of hydrogen filled cells, react with the atmospheric oxygen to form electricity that drives the vehicle.  Mirai has an edge over other forms of eco-friendly systems, for the simple fact that the emitted gas is filled with only water. Inside Mirai is a couple of hydrogen tanks, and the refueling process happens in a jiffy in barely five minutes.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology functions differently, and the main concern is the sourcing of hydrogen gas to build hydrogen gas stations. It is the lightest element on the planet, despite the tediousness there are now quite a few hydrogen fuel cell tanks developed, and many are concentrated in California. The hydrogen fuel cell charging process is free for up to three years and it is funded by Toyota.

So how is it to sit inside Mirai, one can only imagine, but sources who have sat inside were mesmerized to the core. It has all the aspects of a space age car with capacitive touch slider switches for temperature settings, futuristic glass cockpit with LCD displays and a couple of centre fitted touchscreens. The centre stack is packed with equipments and the drive instructions are similar to any other conventional car, all drivers’ have to do is touch the starter button. Once in motion, the vehicle just travels and travels smoothly for long distances of 300 miles, which implies that the hydrogen gas stacked into it is the latest compressed natural gas form.

Toyota has installed the car with an efficient NiMH battery pack that offers the required boost to tread past long distances. In the near future will Mirai hydrogen fuel cell technology prove to be more significant than electric or hybrid vehicles? We will have to find out.

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