Watch the stunning teaser image of 2016 Avalon facelift not for Indian market

Toyota has recently displayed a stunning teaser video of 2016 Avalon facelift, sadly the company has not mentioned anything about an Indian launch. The teaser image stunned the crowd to no end at the prestigious 2015 Chicago Auto Show. A new Avalon car is thrilling beyond imagination, because of the high-end luxury car it imparts.

2016 Avalon teaser

So what is new about the 2016 Avalon facelift, the changes are newly designed slender grille, new headlight cluster and professionally designed re-structured LED daytime running lights and also revamped bumper. The online images reveal interior modifications as well, and sources are of the view that the inner atmosphere and décor is completely new. Reports predict that Toyota will redesign the side and back portion.

For US markets, there are eight Avalon variants to choose from, sold at an initial priced of USD 32,285 (Rs 19.93 lakhs) and the highest price range exceeds to Rs 25.74 lakhs, for the hybrid limited edition. The 2016 Avalon is fitted with an efficient 3.5 litre V6 engine that churns fierce 336Nm torque and 268hp power energies. The other engine is a potent 3.5 litre V6 mill that generates 336Nm and 268hp and the hybrid car runs on a robust 2.5 litre engine that yields 200hp and is connected to air con motor.

The 2016 Avalon is certainly a sensational launch, and three teaser images are uploaded online and it all just looks incredibly spectacular. The background of the first image is dark and the vehicle is blended with it, the sight of the car is visible, but visibly shadowed by the dark. Viewers will be able to faintly spot radiating headlights and outline of the car.

The second picture is a brighter version of the first and a full-length model of the car is visible and as expected it looks magnificent. The front portion is displayed with inventively sculpted bonnet, headlights and grille. The backdrop is filled with white cloud and behind it are impressive shades of black. The inner view is fairly visible.

The third image is the brightest and it showcases the power of 2016 Avalon during peak dark hours. The surprise lies in the radiating headlights, and the vehicle is immersed in a pitch dark scenario, but yet viewers can have a grand view of the car. All the three teaser images have new unfolded mysteries.

Avalon is a world famous luxury car, and the 2016 model just looks stunning, and people all over the world would dream to own such a marvel at least once in their lifetime. Toyota is a pioneer of the luxury car market, apart from Avalon the other best sellers are Corolla, Lexus and Vios.

The new Avalon facelift paints a greater fascination story and it will be interesting to observe the customer desirability levels with the car. Reports state that Toyota might not release the car in India, let’s hope the company decides to introduce Avalon into the country sometime in the near future. Car buyers who desire the new Avalon, it is the best source of luxury and comfort.

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