Toyota promotes overseas talent in headquarter Japanese unit

Toyota Motor Corp is highly established Japanese based automobile brand; the firm has produced high quality cars for years since inception in the year 1937. The company is now keen to promote foreigners to higher positions and aims to encourage women as well and promote them to high posts.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Logo

The company recently promoted foreigners to elevated posts and also elevated the first African-American women to an executive position, to create a diverse atmosphere of professionals. Toyota Motor Corp is today the biggest automobile enterprise around the globe and it has certainly made a difference today in providing opportunities to a vast segment of nationalities.

The company has promoted Europe Chief Didier Leroy is now one of the six executive vice presidents. He is the first ever foreigner to hold a prestigious position of the Executive Vice President of the firm. It is the most acclaimed position allotted to a non Japanese professional. Julie Hamp is now a senior official at the reputed Toyota Motor North America and is the managing officer. The managing officer position is handed over to Christopher Reynolds.

Toyota is known to offer immense high-profile opportunities to foreign officials, at present about 57 executives are foreign nationals. In June there will be shuffling and the number will increase to nine out of a total of 58 employees. We are at an era where globalization is common, and it is effective in an industry as reputed as Toyota Motor Corp.

What about the outcome of having numerous nationalities working in a firm, according to Toyota business discussion between various overseas personalities will only build the formation of new ideals and will also enhance innovative thinking power. Leroy is the chief executive and senior managing officer of the European division of Toyota. He will be in charge of heading the development segments of the firm inclusive of North American and Japanese regions.

The impact of globalization is visible all over the world, and Toyota is a fierce promoter of it, the company has units scattered in many parts of the globe. The creation of an abundance of foreign nationals will work in favour of the company. To acquire commendable sales, the export and import volumes have to be robust.

Toyota will be dependent on foreign executives to control business processes of overseas regions from the headquarter unit itself. There is a significant number of Japanese officials working in the Indian arm of Toyota Motor Corp, Toyota Kirloskar Motor. Economic pressure is a key to promote a pool of overseas talent, the world is hit by recession and global strategy is a critical measure to sustain growth amidst constrained economic pressures.

Toyota has for year’s manufactured first-rate models across a diverse range of markets from hatchbacks to luxury SUV’s and sedans. The company has a desirable range of upcoming cars such as Vios sedan, Camry facelift, 2015 Hiace and so on. With the firm’s current strategy to promote overseas talent, majority of us would believe that Toyota Motor is going to be an empowering segment in the near future and the increase in supremacy will be stretched to a whole new level.


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