New Toyota Highlander First Impressions and Review

Toyota’s Highlander is a very impactful and solid Sports Utility Vehicle which starts to grow on you as you keep driving it. Let’s take a good look at the vehicle to help you decide whether or not its worthy of spending hard earned dough on.

On the first look, I thought it was quite regular. It looked good but I wasn’t very much impressed by it. But being a Toyota fan, I had a lot of expectations from it and I wanted to really like this SUV. The first impression was not very good but slowly as I observed it more closely, I strangely started to like it. It’s pretty big, even for a full blown SUV. However if you are spending 50 grand on a passenger car, you cannot possibly make your final decision just going by the looks. As they say, the looks are temporary but the class is permanent. And yes, the vehicle does belong to the highest class of the utility vehicles currently ruling the big cars market. When you start driving, your hands feel a smooth circular thing that is the steering wheel. And other than the fact that it looks quite sporty, stylish and sleek, it actually provides one of the best driving experiences you have had. Yes, it is that good.

However, don’t go by the pictures as the looks are deceiving. I am saying to avoid the disappointment it’s going to cause you when you see it in reality because this is not this bulky and muscular as it appears in the photos. But it is quite sporty and sweet to say the least. And when you drive it, it just takes your whim away with the world class driving experience.

The cabin of the SUV is brilliantly designed with the very efficient infotainment system; a blu-ray DVD player does a very good job of providing you with a perfect on-road entertainment experience. While the safety features such as the adaptive cruise control, the lane departure assist, the pre-collision warning system among other standard safety features such as airbags are as good as they usually are with the company products.

One of the many reasons for my loyalty towards the Japanese car maker company Toyota is the fact that they churn out their products not just for the sake of style or gloss. They may lag behind on that front when compared to its rivals, but on a very subtle basis, they are the consumer products in the real sense and provide the perfect value for money. The sheer ruggedness and the dependability factor on the products from the company have led me to have an unshakable faith in the company and it continues with this one as well.

A 3.5 litre V6 engine does a good job in powering the car and the smoothness of the engine while on the drive is evident as you go through the harder of the terrains quite easily. The engine churns out a maximum power of 280 hp and one of the best in the class mileage.

This one beauty of a car will make its makers proud for sure.

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