Toyota takes legal action over counterfeit airbag parts

Toyota, one of world’s leading car makers have decided to sue two distributors of the safety airbags providers stating that the products they manufacture are not good for the safety measures and are faulty. The faults in the products may not be able to provide optimum safety in case of a collision.

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Toyota Logo

The company announced that it has taken legal action against two retailers that are selling the said airbags and marketing them as the genuine Toyota products. However, this may seem quite forward but the measures had to be taken and this may result in fatal road accident deaths and also this may affect the credibility of the Toyota Company which it has maintained throughout decades by providing more and more vehicles featuring the remarkable security measures. The said retailers are selling the faulty airbag spiral cable as are extremely dangerous to have in the cars.

Toyota officials further said that these two retailers are fooling general population into believing that the said products are genuine Toyota airbags which are extremely safe to have. Toyota said that there is a well defined process to check the car parts before making them available in the market and this whole issue is very sensitive and that is the biggest causes of their worries.

Toyota announced two weeks before in front of all 200 dealers in the country and requested them to go through a proper investigation of all the units and to specially go through the safety measures. With this process, the company aimed to check for the counterfeit products which are used in the cars. Toyota kept a silence on the issue until they officially lodged the complaints in the federal court. In an official statement Toyota said that the company has investigated for more than six months in order to sure before officially going to the court to resolve the issue and it cannot be taken lightly as it is directly related to the safety of company’s dear consumers.

This is the first time that the Japanese automaker giant has taken such big action against the sales of the counterfeit parts. The company officials said that they expected the guilty retailers to contact the ‘victim’ consumers in order get the faulty airbags replaced without any extra charge but the retailers denied as they claimed that the products are genuine and of high quality. This lack of cooperation from the ‘guilty’ side further compelled Toyota to take the desired legal action against them. Toyota further added that the companies would have been spared if they just followed the instructions put forward by Toyota. According to the company, the retailers clearly denied that they were indulged in such actions but the efficient and highly trained team of Toyota engineers made sure that there was something wrong about the cables of the airbags that they provide.

However, this is not an issue to be taken lightly as it is directly related to the safety of the consumers and it can result in some unwanted happenings and it needs to be taken care of promptly.

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