Toyota to roll out hybrid models of Etios in India

The pioneering auto figure Toyota Motor Corporation headquartered in Japan is keen to offer a range of hybrid models on its classy Etios car for India. The hybrid model is introduced with two power sources for diesel or petrol and the other source is from dynamic batteries. The Etios is one of the most successful hatches introduced by the company. The company is now keen to work on hybrid models.

2013 Toyota Etios Liva TRD Sportivo front

The hybrid model of Etios is designed to cater to the successful and highly qualified middle class who are aware of the need for smarter policies to protect the environment. With the improvement in car economy, the Etios might be one of the profit players for the company. Toyota has however not rolled out details on the price and launch date.

The most interesting aspect of Toyota is it is the most dominant figure with respect to hybrid cars. The main objective of introducing twin models is to manufacture cars with minimal emission levels and admirable mileage. The company has a robust car turnover of 5 million hybrid models. The Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation, Satoshi Ogiso, announced that the company is keen to introduce efficient models that churn minimal emissions and possess excellent mileages.

There are few companies in India who are active in building electric cars to preserve environment. Hybrid cars on the other hand offer a range of advantages which could over power electric vehicles with limited charging stations, and most importantly the internal engines act as additional sources.

Other car companies such as Honda have indulged in the hybrid segment. The year 2008 witnessed the launch of the hybrid model of Honda Civic. The main concern here was the vagueness in tax policies which resulted in the import of only 300 cars.

Toyota appears to be a more significant player in this segment due to the alarming awareness of a greener environment and fuel preserving initiatives which is aided by authorities in charge of tax regulations. In 2012, the company sold an impressive figure of more than one million hybrid cars with a massive figure of 1.5 million vehicles sold from 1997 to 2008.

The engine is the critical factor for the launch of hybrid cars; the battery is the crucial area to consider. The research team in Toyota designs Ni metal hydride battery, the company now is keen to use dynamic lithium ion charges which are light and adopt lesser charge periods. With the Hybrid Prius model, the company used lithium ion batteries. The company believes that safety is the most important factor which should be utilized to the optimum.

Most companies are venturing into environmental friendly models to limit pollution levels and also for creating high mileage cars. There are alarming number of research labs to focus on developing hybrid and electric cars. These cars could offer convenience and safety.

This technology would benefit the Indian population due to the admirable increase in pollution levels. Hybrid and electric models will create a greener environment and also limit environmental health hazards.

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