2013 Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid, the first fully hybrid wagon

The world’s number one auto maker and the pioneer of green cars, Toyota Motors is known for its innovative and nature friendly philosophy. Needless to say, this Japanese car major is also the very first auto manufacturer who had mass produced and marketed the Prius hybrid car back in the year 1997 and opened a new chapter in the world’s green commutation system.

As the company is constantly working on the hybrid technology, in the present year of 2013 Toyota comes with yet another revolutionary green car, the Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid, which is the glob’s first fully hybrid compact wagon.

Toyota has got a massive expanse in the world and its hybrid cars form a very important sales pillar for the company. With over 5 million hybrid cars sold across the world, it is no wonder why the company is spending billions of dollars to work increasingly on this technology. The Hybrid cars are not only eco-friendly and efficient.

As the Prius brand is expanded with many new models, Toyota also thought of expanding the Auris Hybrid that is Europe’s second highest selling hybrid car after Prius.

The Auris Touring Sports hybrid is basically the same hatchback with an elongated rear (by 28.5cm) for more boot space.

The rest of the wagon is similar to the 2012 Auris hybrid hatchback. Thus, Toyota has given the Auris consumers the option of getting a bigger car with the same efficiency and eco-friendliness of the hatchback version.

As for efficiency, while the Auris Hybrid hatchback gives a return of 74.3 mpg on a combined driving mode, emitting just 87 gm of CO2 per km, the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid reportedly returns 76.3 mpg, emitting 85 gm of CO2 per km. So, the wagon compromises on a mere 2 mpg and 2gm per km for a 200 litres of extra boot space. This should be a great choice for an Auris lover who also needs that extra cargo space.
As far as the interior is concerned, nearly everything is very similar to that of the Prius and Auris styling, except for blue edged floor mats. The cabin is ever so fresh, superior and classy.

The 2013 Auris Touring Sports Hybrid has got 4cm higher front seats with the steering wheel a little closer to the driver to enhance driving experience. It is very smooth and efficient thanks to its 100kW electric motor and its nickel hydride battery. It can take you a mile purely on the EV mode at a restrained speed. While going faster than 15mph the car’s 1.8 VVT-i petrol engine comes into action.

However being rather easy paced the Auris Touring Sports Hybrid is not actually even as close as fast as any sports car. Still if you want it to race on its top speed, then get ready for some roaring noise from this otherwise great and quiet car. For the speed lovers, there are also the petro, and diesel versions of the car.

Auris Touring Sports Hybrid has a starting price of £21,095.

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