Toyota Yaris built with ground breaking fuel cell technology

Toyota has explored the depths of hybrid car segment, the Prius created waves in Indian markets; Yaris is the company’s second attempt in hybrid car technology. The hybrid R Concept will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Event; the Prius has generated incredible sales for the company with over 5.5 million pieces released.

The Yaris is a three door car built with a powerful 1.6 liter engine with the advanced Global Race Engine (GRE) technology along with 2 electric engines. The car runs on an intelligent all wheel drive mode, and the energy released is amazing at 298 kW. The Yaris is manufactured with the technology adopted from TS030 hybrid model, the energy from constant braking is preserved in super capacitor. Some of the key features of Yaris is its supreme power, mileage and supersonic speeds with little or no vibrations.

For those interested in hybrid car technology can book a ticket to Frankfurt and have an amazing glimpse of the car. Toyota has incorporated strategies of clean emissions and high energy to build the Yaris. There is still a considerable amount of research to be conducted to emerge with a zero emission vehicle.

The new Toyota Yaris is a trendy hatchback that was unveiled at the 2013 Shanghai auto event. The present Yaris car is fitted with a powerful 1.5 liter petrol mill for Thai markets and is attached with five speed transmission that operates manually and four speed transmission that runs automatically. The Yaris is a popular car in Thailand and according to car enthusiasts it can be compared to the popularity of Etios models in India.

Yaris is built with fuel cell technology which can actually reduce carbon emissions. Fuel cell technology cars operate using hydrogen technology than the conventional gasoline. Fuel cell technology vehicles appear mundane from exteriors, but the interiors are designed with high tech components which is totally different to what is found in present models. These cars have fuel stack instrument that transforms hydrogen to electricity which is used to power such vehicles.

The Prius and Yaris are popular hybrid vehicles built by Toyota and are built with advanced technology. Both cars have contributed significant sales to Toyota, although the hybrid car segment is a new field in engineering technology, there is still massive amount of Research and Development (R and d) being conducted in this area. In India hybrid cars are highly beneficial and would ease the lives of millions with its outstanding low carbon emission properties and exemplary mileage. Hybrid car are among the best solutions to wipe away the alarming pollution levels in India.

Fuel cell technology is a ground breaking technology adopted in Yaris, the exterior of the car is built with impressive design elements, and interiors are pretty fascinating as well. Indian’s would be thrilled with the launch of 2014 Yaris, and would be a boon for those who travel long working distances on a daily basis. If more of such cars are launched in India then the pollution levels in the country will reduce drastically. It will be interesting to observe the advancement of hybrid car technology in the near future.

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