The all new Toyota Prius to be more affordable fuel efficient

Toyota is the world-wide accepted pioneer of hybrid cars, and its primary hybrid signature is of course, the much acclaimed Prius Hybrid car. Thus, no matter how many more new hybrids the Japanese car giant has plans to produce, the worlds (and the company’s) focus seems to be fixed on the iconic Prius. While, the auto enthusiasts all over the globe are eagerly waiting for the upcoming next generation Prius, Toyota gave some valuable cues on the expected new qualities of the upcoming car at the Hybrid World Tour media event.

2013 Toyota Prius Plus profile

It has been Toyota’s one of the greatest success to make the Prius even better and cheaper than before with each of its next-gen model, and the same is expected from the all new Prius that is supposed to hit the markets in a couple of years’ time. Based on the hints of the managing officer at Toyota, Satoshi Ogiso, the upcoming all Prius will be considerably more fuel efficient. Moreover, the new car will feature great handling, will be lighter, offer finer driving experience and will be more affordable. Thus, the entire Prius package is expected to get even better and thus more adoptable by the general mass.

Ogiso said in the event that the performance of the next generation Prius powertrains will be a result of the notable advancement in the technology for its battery, electric motor as well as gas engine.

Toyota stared developing the hybrid technology as a mere trial experiment, which became extremely successful and made Toyota launch the world’s first mass produced Hybrid car in the form of the Prius. Any auto enthusiast knows the later part of the story, how Toyota never looked back and went ahead to be known as the literal founder of this greener technology in practical terms in the world’s auto market.

The Prius is not only a success in itself but also a massive influence on the world which is inching towards a greener commutation system. Toyota is not only increasingly focusing on the hybrid technology but has also made its rivals follow its example and made the Hybrid technology a trend.

Toyota has yet not conformed the launch time of the next generation Prius, but it is expected that the car will be unveiled sometime in the year 2015, when Toyota will also be launching a whole host of new green cars including the much talked about Fuel Cell car.

Though many details are still not available, Ogiso revealed that the all new Prius will feature advanced electric motors which will be more compact much generate more power. Thus, the hybrid car will be a lighter and more powerful vehicle.

At present, the Japanese car major has 23 hybrid models, all of which are successful. However, the world is still most in love with the first and foremost in line, the Prius hybrid. Thus, there’s no end of speculations and interest regarding the all new Prius model, which is rightly expected to take its success one step higher.

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