Toyota Camry hybrid – Car draped in low sound and hybrid technology

Toyota a leading global enterprise has recently explored cutting-edge technologies that could shape the future. The launch of Prius hybrid vehicle has stunned Indian and global auto markets. The car has delivered remarkable fortunes by crossing over four million sales since launch.

The Camry is another inventive launch in hybrid segment, hybrid cars are a boon in Indian markets, taking into account the massive increase in pollution levels. The past few years have witnessed drastic industrialization and rapid increase in vehicular traffic which is the main cause for high pollution levels.

The Indian vehicle market has observed large diversities; auto companies have built vehicles, taking into consideration the massive income gap among individuals. Hybrid cars are a solution to create a clean and green atmosphere and to also prevent the flow of lung and respiratory disorders.

Toyota has released the Camry hybrid, those who are fascinated with the current Camry model, will surely be satisfied with the hybrid version of the car. Camry hybrid is an attractive medium to beat the ugliness of pollutant particles since it has higher eco friendly efficiencies than the present Camry. Moreover the hybrid Camry maneuvers on higher mileage values.

The present Camry model portrays an exclusively stylish design, with such impeccable style; the company does not have to play with design cues of the hybrid version. The front portion is garnished with artistically designed head lamps, fog lamps with creative chrome decorations, front bumper and fresh radiator grill.  The seventeen inch alloy wheel completes the overall exotic picture of the car. Toyota has used all the possible modification characteristics to the front portion of Camry hybrid; the rear format is similar to the current Camry.

The design architecture of Camry is exquisite and hard to beat; the company has explored all the possible best-in-class design options and has emerged with a supreme one. With its premium style statement, the competition in the luxurious sedan segment is cut-throat. Some of its stiff competitors are Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb.

Camry hybrid is manufactured with a powerful 2.5 liter petrol mill with Variable Valve Timing-I technology and also has a electric engine. The energies released from the petrol power train is 160PS and from electric engine it is 45PS. The combined energies yielded from both engines are a whooping 202PS.  The car can travel on engine motor for 40 kmph and past this distance; the petrol mill does its duty.

According to sources, the Camry hybrid can maneuver at remarkably slow rates; occupants can hear nothing but a gentle sound. There is an EV choice option and here the car runs solely on electricity. The Eco mode allows the car to operate using the principle behind hybrid car creation which is petrol and electric modes.

The mileage offered by Camry hybrid is impressive at 19 kmpl, and this is admirable to commute long distances on a daily basis. For its high-tech technology and grand luxury the car is priced at Rs 29, 75,000.

Toyota has introduced a blend of primitive and modern eras in Camry hybrid, in terms of design and technology. Customers can enjoy luxury as well as brand themselves as responsible citizens to preserve India’s environment.

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