Toyota keen to build robots to aid stroke patients to walk without support

Toyota Motor Corp since inception in 1930’s has launched models with optimum style and luxury. The company besides being an esteemed global auto player is keen to unveil an assembly line of robots in the year 2015. The main goal of introducing a lineup of robots is to build artificial machines to aid the elderly to reach their rehabilitation centers.

The robots will help the elderly population who are suffering from life-threatening ailments like stroke. It is interesting to learn that Toyota is keen to build robots to aid the elderly, but the main curiosity element is how, the machines will be fitted to the legs of old demographic to enable them to walk and not loose balance.

Toyota will partner with the reputed Fujita Health University in the city of Toyoake. The development procedures are now in the final stages and the team is confident of the project turning out to be a success and will be useful to help the elderly demographic.

Robotic technology has expanded, and researchers all over the world are exploring the depths of robotics. Robotics and automobile engineering are closely linked; car crash examinations are conducted with the aid of robots. Now Toyota is working on robots to help the elderly population live a better and healthier life.

Robots have been developed to aid the disabled, and this is Toyota’s first project to develop robots that would work well in ‘health care’ market. Toyota is of the firm view that robots which are of great help to the old population will be a hot topic of interesting in the near future.

Toyota has conducted enormous clinical trials with robots in hospital premises, and the current robot figure is ten and the company aims to increase this figure to fifty. The company in 2015 will request the highly acclaimed Pharmaceutical affairs law to rent robots to clinics.

The robots to be developed with help the elderly walk and the machines will be attached to the subject starting from thigh and then downwards. The robot can sense different forms of movement, when it senses that the person has to choose another line of movement, the robots bend knee at right position, and the best part is patients can walk without the need to even observe the robots. When a person is affected by stroke the rehabilitation period takes over ten weeks, but with robots the time is reduced by two fold.

The new technology developed to help those affected by chronic illnesses like stroke to walk is not just restricted to walking comfortably. The patients can live life like any other normal person and even play tennis. The robots are so familiar with leg movement that it adjusts the muscles in a way that the subject can move left to right swiftly as required in a tennis match.

Japan is known to be a land of high tech technologies, and India is not too far behind. There are quite a few robotic labs in India; it would be interesting if the same technology where robots aid elderly patients to walk arrives in India.

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