Toyota’s earnest job on the stunning FT-1 sports car concept

Toyota has recently created a wave of interest with its FT-1 sports car concept. This new 2door sports car concept’s design is supposed to be inspiring all the other Toyota future cars. The essence of this new design language is supposed to be heart racing and give an adrenalin pumping sensation. Toyota has revealed its intention to quit being the car maker with the safe bait design language and evolve in terms of design to retain its top position in the world’s auto market.

Toyota is even letting the media know about its future contemplations regarding new design and product planning, which the auto makers usually prefer to keep secret. Moreover, the internal design studio of any car maker is considered to be a highly secret place, where even many top officials are not allowed access. The media personals cannot enter this place even in their dreams. However after a long time persuasion, the world’s auto leader Toyota Motor Corporation allowed an auto journal to visit its Calty design studio, located in California, U.S.A. This rare access inside the secret design studio was to trace the development process of the FT-1 sports concept car.

The automotive journal found out that the Japanese car major’s president of the Calty Design Research studio, Kevin Hunter knew that he had a winner of a car’s design in the form of the FT-1. However, he did have his apprehensions and fears before presenting it in front of the board of executive’s of Toyota. The full sized model of the company’s next-gen sports car concept was a challenge for the designer. Hunter got nervous thinking about the company’s CEO Akio Toyoda’s reactions to his design. Then again, he feared that Toyota’s chief designer may want big design changes as well, which he might not be able to turn up with prior to the big event of 2014 Detroit auto show, where the concept is planned to be displayed.

This was all just nine months before the Detroit auto show, and Hunter was quite confident about this ace of a design.

Moreover, apart from the great aggressive and stunning design of the FT-1 sports car concept that Hunter was going to present, the Calty design studio team also had a video-gaming pod that featured the FT-1 concept.

The CEO, Toyoda did give an approving nod to the sparkling red hot sports car and then went on try the gaming pod. Soon, he was beaming with happiness, absolutely impressed with fast and the furious FT-1 sports car, much to the relief of Hunter.
Soon there was a big rush to ready the model for the great show. For 5 months, a team of Calty studio designers and modelers toiled in a great busy job inside Toyota’s design studio to create the wowing FT-1. The concept was nearly ready at end of November 2013 and received some more final touches prior to arriving for the Detroit Motor Show for its global unveiling, which charmed the audience.

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