Toyota’s fuel-cell concept cars to unveiled at CES

Toyota is one of the biggest auto manufacturers and has disclosed the plans for launching fuel-cell cell vehicles in Las Vegas in the New Year. This FCV concept will be first time launched in North America in CES.

The FCV is a concept that transforms Hydrogen to electricity which powers the car’s engine. This concept will be unveiled at early season of New Year and the car will start running on this concept from 2015. The company has plans of introduce a technology which would take least time to refuel the vehicle and also the range of the vehicle should be minimum 500 kilometers. The car should take about 3 minutes to refuel the machine.

Hydrogen is the readily available source of fuel which is the best part on which the technology is based on. Hydrogen produces water as a by-product and liquid Hydrogen is produced with the help of electricity. Fuel Cell technology is not a new concept for electronics industry. Since many years, several big companies were testing and implementing products that are based in fuel cells as the solution for alternative batteries. The interesting thing is methanol can also be used as power supply and efficiently used for hours. But the technology never became so popular and did not get expected response and the projects closed.

However, there are certain companies that are still using and exploring fuel cells in case of emergency used and other such uses. CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show which is the most popular electronics show and many companies use this platform for introducing their themes for the coming year. These days, new technologies and trends are being used by auto manufacturers and thus they use CES as a platform for unveiling new technologies and concepts that define the dynamic driving experience that users will have once the car is launched in the market.

Toyota Motors will stage the new FCV concept with a new sedan on January 2014 CES in North America. After the Tokyo Motor Show, the FCV concept is made global by Toyota. The reveal of this technology has grabbed numbers of eyes considering the quality and durability tested on the roadways.

The FCV technology is an implementation of fuel cell vehicle that Toyota has planned to introduce in the year 2015. The company claims that the vehicle can run minimum 500kms with the easy refueling system in 3 minutes which is close to that required for gasoline engine. The performance of the car will be amazing considering its engine capacity and new technology. It is expected that the buyers will be motivated to buy this vehicle due to cost efficiency and convenience offered by it. This new Toyota vehicle seems to be reliable and can add heavy sales to the Toyota Company. The new FCV technology is expected to be promising but what it can actually deliver would be seen after its launch. The new Toyota car will be a great sedan packed with enhanced technology for delivering efficient performance.

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