Toyota Avanza to compete with Honda Brio Multi Purpose Vehicle

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Honda has recently launched the Amaze sedan in India, the massive pre bookings received for the car has intrigued the company to release a MPV make of Brio to cater to Asian markets of India, Indonesia and Thailand. This new Brio MPV make will be built by Honda Prospect Motor which is the Indonesian subsidiary of the parent firm. There are engineers and designer from Japan in Indonesia to work on the new MPV.

New Toyota Avanza India 2013

The brain behind the inventor of Earth Dreams diesel technology which is also employed in the recently launched Amaze, Masanori Hashimoto, will lead the Research and Development team in Indonesia. The new Brio MPV will make it’s a grand entry in April next year. Honda has also agreed to hasten the development process which implies that the car will be released at an earlier tentative date. The estimated release date is inverterate by the director in the marketing and service department, Mr. Jonfis Fandy at the reputed Honda Prospect Motor. Honda and car fans will be curious and eager to experience the drive quality in Brio MPV, with the Brio itself being a symbol of fascination and appreciation among the public.

The car will compete with one of Toyota’s best sellers called the Avanza which will be equipped with a powerful 1.5 liter Earth Dreams diesel power train which will also have impressive handling and fuel capacities.

The soon to be launched Toyota Avanza will be fitted with a dynamic 1495cc power train that is employed in the Thailand model. The engine capacity will be 1.5 liter petrol inserted with 4 cylinder Dual Over Head Cam (DOHC) engine designed with Variable Valve Timing Technology. The efficient engine can churn impressive efficiencies of 109 Ps and 141Nm of peak torque. The fuel tank ability is decent at 45 liter. The turn radius in the five speed manual engine is 4.7m. There are rear drum and front disc brakes for additional safety. The suspension system is McPherson type with front stabilizer and at the rear there is four link Coil spring.

The Avanza’s exterior has a splendid design which can be compared to one of the profit makers for Toyota like the Innova. The exterior is splashed with a trendy and sporty sculpt with front grille and skin color bumpers. The front lighting equipment offers supreme illumination with multi reflecting ability headlamps, neatly carved round fog lights and turn indicators. The side door has a faint brown color as well. The tail lights are vertically arranged, the rear portrays a classy neat and professional image.

The engine efficiency in Brio MPV and Avanza is similar with a 1.5 liter engine, for the Brio MPV to compete with the Avanza, the car should have dynamic lighting facilities and exterior should be matched to the likes of Innova. The Brio MPV will be released next April or even sooner. We will have to wait for the launch of the car and observe the competition with the interiors and safety aspects. Comparing the present attributes of Brio MPV, there is a stiff competition with Toyota Avanza in terms of engine efficiency.

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