Toyota Harrier to make a comeback after years

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Toyota Harrier sports a luxurious and sporty exterior body, and most people refer the car with Lexus RX tag. This is a SUV in the mid size category first launched in the year 1997.  The car was referred to as Lexus RX on American soil, when the Harrier was exported to US and has then created a robust figure in SUV category. The RX is known to be a top seller in America.

2014 Toyota Harrier teaser

The car was in the limelight till 2008, and this was the year when Toyota planned to introduce the production of Lexus LX and stalled the manufacture of Harrier. Those who admire the Harrier, there is some interesting news, the company plans to re launch Harrier. Images of the car have been splashed on the company’s website and for those interested the car will be showcased during the latter periods of 2013. The car might be premiered at the prestigious Motor Show in Tokyo scheduled for November.

The most interesting fact about the new car is there are Harrier elements retained, with a raking windscreen at the rear. The C Pillar is artistically designed and the enhanced sporty elements are contributed by glass panel. The front portion has a unique wedge design which is something novel to Toyota’s design language. According to a press release Toyota marks the features of Harrier with an outstanding design language along with other customer desirable factors such as strength and speed.
Further details of the car have not been released; the car might be a hybrid according to details of the front design. Most people are excited with the launch of Harrier especially with launch periods of Lexus RX coming closer. The most interesting question is if the next generation Lexus RX be implanted with few elements from Harrier.

The images of the new Harrier has been splashed on the Japanese website CarWatch, the most thrilling aspect is the car is known as Lexus RX in US and Europe. Some of the interesting design elements to watch out for are the exclusive style statement in the front portion which is in tune with other remarkable designs of Lexus cars. The admirable design language is visible at the rear as well with creatively designed tail lights.

The interesting aspect about the design that would excite those who are passionate about car designs is the revamped greenhouse theme which is observed in the window design, and there are artistic lines that merge the rear tail lights and front. Based on overall design analyses, the car has few hybrid elements, there is not much information revealed on engine components. People claim that the car might be equipped with a powerful 3.5 liter engine with V6 hybrid technology observed in present RX450h.
In terms of interiors, there are no pieces of images released; the most curious aspect would be the closeness in design language between Harrier and Lexus RX. Those who are curious will have to patiently wait for the Tokyo auto show scheduled for November. The Harrier would indeed be a thrilling launch and those who have driven the car in the past can bring back the earlier memories.

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